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Lantec LW Series Winches
Lantec LW Series Winches
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LW Series Winch General Information

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The LANTEC LW Series Winches are a complete, modular line of winches with 21 basic models. With many flexible options, the LW Series Winch is suitable for a wide variety of applications. LW Series Winches are available with single drives and dual drives for higher horsepower capabilities.

Features Steel fabricated cable drum and winch base for maximum rigidity High efficiency planetary gear drive modules for optimum performance Multi-Disc, wet, friction brake for dependable holding High capacity sprag clutch for reliability Gearing and brake unit are located outside the cable drum for versatility Brake valve is the industry's most stable for controlled dynamic braking Cable drum supported on roller bearings Wide range of motors and mounts to suit specific application Motors High quality, efficient hydraulic gear motor standard Other motor types available 2-speed gear motor Vane motor Geroler motor Axial piston motor Radial piston motor Electric motor Options SAE 'B', 'C, 'D' and other motor mounts Highly customizable drum size and configurations to suit specific applications Gear ratios to permit most economical match with existing power supply Ratchet and Pawl for secure load holding Drum band brake for more braking directly on the bottom Marine epoxy and special color coatings Personnel handling configuration for restricted use Performance

Single Drive Performance (LANTEC LW Series Winch) Model

Drum Torque lbf-in Line Pull (1st layer)

lbs Line Speed (mid drum) fpm

LWS100 101,500 23,500 776

LWS160 155,600 28,900 575

LWS240 230,600 36,200 410

LWS330 338,400 52,100 279

LWS430 424,000 56,500 248

LWS570 561,000 74,200 206

LWS800 807,000 83,800 156

LWS1200 1,197,000 122,800 103

LWS1700 1,756,000 177,800 74

LWS2200 2,200,000 201,100 59

Dual Drive Performance (LANTEC LW Series Winch) Model Drum Torque

lbf-in Line Pull (1st layer)

lbs Line Speed (mid drum) fpm

LWD200 203,000 37,300 878

LWD310 311,000 47,800 619

LWD460 461,000 61,000 455

LWD680 677,000 78,500 341

LWD850 848,000 88,100 322

LWD1100 1,123,000 116,300 243

LWD1600 1,614,000 161,600 169

LWD2400 2,393,000 181,700 123

LWD3500 3,512,000 253,900 93

LWD4400 4,399,000 273,600 82

Certifications LANTEC product certifications have included ABS, DNV, Lloyds of London, US Coast Guard, and DIN. As an active member of the American Gear Manufacturers Association, your confidence in any LANTEC product is always well placed.