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Lantec LH Series Winches
Lantec LH Series Winches
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The LANTEC LH Series Hoists are a complete, modular line of hoists with 11 basic models. With many flexible options, the LH Series Hoist is suitable for a wide variety of applications. LH Series Hoists are available with single drives and dual drives for higher horsepower capability.

A standard LH Series Hoist

Evolution of Hoist Design — LANTEC Improved on the Industry Norm LANTEC came onto the Offshore Hoist scene after decades of experience in a wide variety of hoist applications. In over 35 years, and thousands of units, LANTEC hoists have never experienced a catastrophic failure. LANTEC brought numerous important improvements to the design of Offshore Hoists:

WMPI inspection of all critical components Larger gears for reduced stress Heavy-duty Sprag Clutch Wear-biased design Convenient oil change feature Magnetic plug Why Should I Choose a LANTEC Hoist? You can choose a LANTEC LH Series Hoist or you can settle for a Braden CH Series Hoist. You will be more successful with LANTEC. This is why...

What makes a LANTEC LH Series Hoist superior to a Braden® CH Hoist?

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The answer is in the details...

The Best Warranty in the Industry Like all other LANTEC products, the LH Hoist Series is covered by a comprehensive 2-year warranty that is the best in the business.

Additionally, the sprag clutch in each LH Hoist is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Official Warranty Documents Below is the full text of our warranties in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

2-Year Limited Warranty - Winch Products [PDF] (108.2 KB) LH Sprag Clutch Lifetime Warranty [PDF] (876.2 KB) Technical Description The LANTEC LH Series Hoists are a compact modular construction consisting of:

Cable Drum Steel cable drum running on roller bearings. Drum seals run on corrosion resistant seats. Cable is anchored to the drum using the industry accepted method of a wedge and a tapered pocket. Drum includes a "No-Spill" oil change feature for clean and fast oil changes without special tools. Hoist Base High-strength nodular iron base components designed for maximum rigidity and easy assembly. Drive Module Pre-packaged two- or three-stage, high-efficiency planetary drive with hardened internal gears and case carburized sun and planet gears. Planet gears run on rolling bearings with are replaceable independent of the gear itself. Sun gears float to ensure balanced load distribution. Brake Module Multi-disc, wet friction brake is spring force applied, hydraulic pressure released. Overrunning clutch is large diameter, high-capacity, sprag type. Brake module is standard with SAE 'C' or 'D' motor mount. Optional motor mounts are available. Hydraulic Motor Standard motor is a durable gear motor designed specifically for hoisting applications with improved starting torque characteristics. LH Series Hoists can be fitted with other motor types including 2-speed gear motors, axial and radial piston motors, and motors for low power systems. More about motor selection & options » Brake Valve Industry's most stable and reliable counterbalance valve attached directly to the hydraulic motor. Benefits Drum diameter to cable diameter ratio minimum of 18:1 for longer cable life High strength nodular iron for maximum rigidity and easy assembly High efficiency planetary gear drive modules for optimum performance Multi-disc, wet, friction brake for dependable holding High capacity sprag clutch for reliability Gearing and brake unit are located inside the cable drum for compact design Brake valve is industry's most stable for controlled dynamic braking Stainless steel lands for marine duty dependability Steel cable drum supports on roller bearings Built-in "No-Spill" oil drain system - no special tools required Mounting dimensions similar to competitive brands Features of the LH Series Hoist » Options and Accessories » Performance Data This table shows the basic hoist performance data and limitations based on the standard gear ratio and motor for each model. Considering the wide variety of hoist sizes, gear ratios, hydraulic motor characteristics and hydraulic system performance, the hoist selection can be come complex.

We recommend allowing our Sales & Application Engineering professionals to assist in determining the hoist model and options that satisfy your most demanding applications. We will be pleased to supply a detailed specification sheet specifically for your application.

Performance overview for LANTEC LH Series Hoists

(Single & Dual Drive) Model Drum Torque

lbf-in Line Pull (1st layer)

lbs Line Speed (mid drum) fpm

Single Drive Drive

LHS100 101,500 15,000 630

LHS160 155,600 18,700 500

LHS240 226,400 24,100 400

LHS330 334,200 32,000 290

LHS430 419,700 40,000 230

Dual Drive

LHD200 203,000 27,500 900

LHD310 311,200 34,900 580

LHD450 452,800 47,700 410

LHD670 668,400 63,300 300

LHD840 839,400 79,000 270

PLEASE NOTE: LANTEC reserves the right to revise performance figures without prior notice due to further development and technical improvements. Complete performance data - including Basic output, input data, and power-supply requirements - is available in our print brochure [PDF (1.8 MB] or by contacting us.

Motors LANTEC LH Series Hoists utilize a high quality, efficient gear motor designed for performance characteristics specifically suited to hoist applications.

LANTEC can supply the hoist with a variety of motor types and sizes to best match your system configuration and performance needs. We also offer the LH Series Hoist without a motor. This allows you to supply the motor and brake valve that best suits the application.